Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheryl here .
Wanna let you all know that there will be class outing but cann i have those people to tell me when they cann make it ? Thn we also need to find how many poeple are going and how much does it cost for each person. So do tell me through sms or msn alrights ?
Things that me need to buy :

  • Barbecue pit (book)
  • Chicken Wing
  • Drinks
  • Hot dog
  • Metal stick
  • French Fries ( optional)

  • Date available :
    23Dec09 (Wednesday)

    25Dec09 (Friday)
    30Dec09 (Wednesday)
    you may tell me any other dates .

    Class outing. :D
    Monday, November 16, 2009

    Instructions for using the poll.

    • If you're choosing BBQ for class outing, leave comments
      etc - Venue, Amount & those BBQ preparations.
    • If you're choosing Chalet for class outing, leave comments
      etc - Venue, Amount & those preparations.
    • If you choose others, give some ideas. Like where to go.
      Remember to write down your name when you gave comments.

    Where to go for class outing.

    BBQ ( Venue )
    Chalet ( No need stay overnight. )
    Others ( Comments needed. )
    pollcode.com free polls

    The dateline for this poll is this coming saturday. ( 21 nov. )
    Cause we need to discuss those bringing items.
    These are the names that are confirm going to class outing.
    - Tiffany.
    - Durene.
    - Melvin Gan.
    - Angela.
    - Mei Lin.
    - Dinesh.
    - Elaine.
    - Mish.
    - Darrell.
    - Cheryl.
    - Edlyn.
    - Brandon Liew.
    Okay, that's all. Please tag or msg us if you encounter any problems.
    & if you are confirm going also. Thanks. (:

    Posted by ANGELA. :D

    We'll Rock You
    Monday, November 2, 2009

    1a2 Oii !

    Hey everyone ! Okok this my first tyme bloqqinq for 1a2 rawks bloq . . Holiday has come . Next year we qonna be in 2a2 ! 2a2 must be more rawk den 1a2 kayy . as in we must be more rocker ! Must be more united . (: Hoilday for 2 month is soo lonq . everyone of you must qet prepared for sec 2 horr . . We still have a loooonq tyme till school re-open so qot more den enouqh tyme to qet prepared . Buuut ! Enjoy first ! heeh . Whoever who passed the eoye annnd happie bout your result , conqratz but those who passed but not satisfied , nehmind . next year must try harder . :) Make our first Form-teacher , mrs wee , proud of us even if she is not our form-teacher for next year lurhh . understand ? Ok since next year we qonna be 2a2 , which means , this 1a2 bloq , is not qonna be alive .. will be dead foreva ryte ? Eventhouqh its dead , DON'T delete this bloq okaye anqela or whoever . We can Keep it as MEMORIES ! (: ok , i think im done here . . bye peoples !


    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Hey babes&&hunks , i'm posting yea(:
    Cheryl's here[:
    btw , to peeps who are scolding th spammer , don't be too angry .
    We will have wrinkles .
    Do you know why they wanna spam our class blog marh ?
    Because they have nothing to do marh .
    They should really create a cbox or shoutmix to spam until th like .
    So let's not waste our time to scold them&&peeps , remember to tag kay?!
    Class blog is really dieing without you all th tag and post .
    I hope our class will stay unite can ?
    Year 2009 is going to be over and Year 2010 is coming .
    1A2'09 is going to be over and 2A2'10 is coming .
    I hope all of us cann stay at th same class !
    And about th class outing , please give me th feedback whether which place to go .
    tag at th tagboard to tell me th venue you think we should go for class outing .
    And i will try to arrange th date and time to enable th whole class to go[:
    1A2 is loved !
    4 days 4 more hours to school holiday .

    I'm finish here(:
    Tag more !!!._.
    Posted by Cheryl[:

    EOY is finished !
    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Finally EOY is finish !
    It is time for us to relax(:
    Hmm , shall we vote for th venue and time for th class outing ?
    I hope this time round th outing , most of you cann go(:
    Because this is a CLASS OUTING(:
    Remember we are 1A2 , forever A2 !
    Stay unite okay ?
    We are left with 15 more days to Holiday lerh .
    Wanna wish JiaNi a happy advanced birthday(:
    13 lerh wor ! Have fun on your birthday and may your wish come true !
    Hmm , i suppose this is what i want to say .
    Anyway , taq more and post more peeps !
    Hope all of you all have a satisfactory results(:

    Posted by CHERYL.L

    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    Okay, i finally have the time to post here.
    Gosh, so less ppl tag. & a2's ppl. Please get pw & nick from me.
    So that you can help update too. Can't always ask me right? -.-

    End Of Year exam is coming. :D
    Left abt one month to go, my friends.
    Are you studying? LOL. I think you should.
    Cause if you don't want to drop, please revise now.
    & those who don't have the EOY time table please get from me.
    You need sign it. Before school reopens. Don't forget!
    It's a reminder anw. (: HAHAHA!
    Bring your ODT with you everytime. Don't forget too.
    Okay, you really have alot of things to remember.
    Chinese students take note! Tmr, you will need to report to school.
    At 9 am. For chinese moodle thingy. :D
    Don't be late yeah. & i sound weird. Nehmind. (:

    Class outing will be at november or december.
    We're not sure yet. cause you should focus on EOY exams first.
    Yupp, i hope some of us can get to express! :D
    Wish everyone of you - LUCK! (:

    Posted by ANGELA.T (:

    listen or read carefully.

    We're from
    Bowen Secondary, class 1A2`09.
    We make the most noise, & enjoyed it as well. Loving every lesson we had in class. Screaming & shouting everyday. We're unique in our own way. So, please respect. We're differnent from other people, so don't mess us up. (:
    There're total of 40 pupils in our class. 17 Girls & 23 Boys. We're crazy all the time, & gets too hyper sometimes. :D So be careful of us. But we won't bite! :D

    Hyper Pupils!
    Scream & Shout out loud!

    #1.Irene - 13th April.
    #2.Cheryl - 14th November.
    #3.Jia Ni - 18th October.
    #4.Grace - 2nd December.
    #5.Humaira - 19th May.
    #6.Tiffany - 19th July.
    #8.Mei Lin - 6th April.
    #9.Edlyn - 15th May.
    #10.Irfasha - 12th July.
    #11.Nasrah - 29th March.
    #13.Danise - 1st August.
    #14.Angela - 19th April.
    #15.Elaine - 16th December.
    #16.Durene - 28th June.
    #18.Brandon Chen - 30th August.
    #19.Boon Fu - 20th June.
    #20.Jia Jun
    #22.Melvin - 29th July.
    #24.Kelvin Ng - 20th March.
    #25.Brandon Liew - 14th September.
    #28.Azrul - 25th March.
    #29.Faizal - 15th February.
    #31.Dil - 19th July.
    #32.Dinesh - 28th December.
    #33.Julius - 22th Feburary.
    #34.Jin Leong
    #37.Darrell - 25th November.
    #38.Kelvin Tan
    #40.Yun Yu

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    what has been done.

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